Outdoor Stainless Steel Screws, Nails, and Staples

Columbia Fasteners has a wide variety of right fastener for your outdoor structures.
Fine Outdoor Woodworking, Plastics & Polymers
Outdoor structures involve all kinds of materials from plastic to metal, from fine cedar to exotic hardwoods. These materials are used to make a number of things which are designed mainly in outdoors projects such things as, arbors, trellis, outdoor furniture, and detached building construction. We mainly recommend using Grade 304 SS/305 SS hand-drive nails and screws as well as our quality stainless steel list of a collection of fasteners for all of our outdoor wood construction projects and fine outdoor crafts and decorations.
We carry an extensive and wide variety selection of stainless steel collated finishing nails, brads, and staples engineered for most brands of pneumatic tools for your outdoor structures. Whenever possible, use Type 316 SS for seaside applications for the best in corrosion resistance. You can trust Columbia Fasteners to the best to provide quality fasteners that are built with premium quality for your building materials.