Columbia Fasteners Renowned Stainless Steel Nails, Screws, Staples, Nuts & Bolts Suppliers

Columbia Fasteners is a trusted and respected stainless steel fasteners supplier. We have over 15 years of manufacturing, wholesale, and retail experience in the fastening industry. We supply genuine and certified home improvement fastening products to small and large scale construction Companies, Contract Builders, and DIY Home Improvement Projects. With the experience comes the responsibility to ensure the delivery of the appropriate, safe and quality products to our customers. This assurance is a major factor which makes our relationship stronger with our customer, and to which how we grow and build our business.

When searching for fasteners and home improvement product suppliers, remember Columbia Fasteners is always ready to serve in a timely manner and with authentic graded stainless steel fasteners. We service not only in the USA but internationally as well which makes us a top choice for builders and engineers. We take pride in servicing our customers on time and serving them with best in class quality. Our commitment is genuine, and to maintain this authenticity, our products pass from multiple testing phases that we personally test before dispatch, and after receiving the shipments.

At Columbia Fasteners we expedite premium home improvement products like stainless steel fasteners, nails, bolts, screws, nuts, washers, threaded rods, studs, Roofing Coils, Narrow Crown and Fine Wire Staples, Self-Drilling and Wood Trim Screws, Brackets for outdoor and indoor construction, and other Home repair fastening products. Our products are IS0 9001 certified, all our products meet national and international standards.

Comprehensively, we also provide Washers, Specialty Screws, Metal Connectors, and Joist Hangers to complete any ongoing project without any disruption. We at ready to full fill the required construction fastening needs for almost any exterior applications. 

Feel free to build your home stronger and leave the stress to us. Shop with confidence and trust in our ability to provide to you, by earning your business with the correct fastener to do the job and to keep you coming back to us. 

What We Offer:

We know when it comes to construction and home projects, the foremost priority is a stronger, everlasting fastening bond, as well as its aesthetics. The stainless steel products that we offer are made to resist stain and streaks, in addition to corrosion and pressure exerted on the fastener which can occur naturally through expansion and contraction and weather changes.

Consider us as craftsmen to your home improvement project and can provide you with the ideal fastener for the job. We have a wide range of tools like AISI Type 304 SS, 305, SS and 316 SS Nails, Screws, Nuts, Bolts, and Brackets. All our fasteners are specially made with corrosion resistance and anti-discoloration properties.

In addition, we sell trusted and reliable products like Decking, siding, roofing nails, Deck Fasteners, Stainless Steel Treads, Advanced Lateral Anchors, Stair Bracket, Joist Hangers and more for outdoor projects. We deliver all type of home improvements products for specific construction needs whether they are commercial, marine, residential or extreme environment projects. With the depth and breadth of line in stainless steel products, we are sure to have what you may require to finish your home improvement project.

Why Choose Columbia Fasteners as a Trusted Building Supplier?

Being a reputable supplier of Premium quality of Stainless Steel Fasteners for Construction projects, Builders and DIY, let our years of experience serve you. We understand that not all jobs are the same, and sometimes it requires specialty or hard to find items. Large project or small quantities, we can handle it all. We know that the quality of your building material affects the quality of your build. Consider whatever project you are on when it comes to your home, why cut corners? Pennies saved now will bring you many dollars lost later if you don't think about its long term effects. Stainless steel fasteners become an obvious, affordable choice when you factor the total project cost. It is usually a small percentage of the total construction cost than compared to any other inferior fasteners by itself. When compared to the overall job, stainless steel fasteners will last the life of the building material or longer and is essential to your construction. So why risk it by buying cheap--to which many of us have experienced its consequences. Trust in our ability to provide you with the proper fastening solution to give you peace of mind and overall good value.