Stainless Steel Framing Nails and Screws

Columbia Fasteners has the right fastener for your preservative lumber.

Pressure Treated Lumber

Did you know that galvanized nails corrode fastener in pressure treated lumber than untreated ones? The zinc used in galvanized nails and other similar coatings react with the copper that is commonly used to "pressure cook" and preserve lumber from rot and decay. Galvanized coatings act as a sacrificial layer to "protect" the metal (nail) from corroding. However, these coatings fall short when it is unevenly coated, cracked, or is missing through installation and handling.

Today’s pressure treated lumbers are mostly arsenic-free preservative lumbers. Alternative chemical treatments such as CA-B (copper azole) and ACQ (alkaline copper quaternary) as well as other copper-based, non-metals and boric acid treated wood are available for “rot-resistant” wood products. However, the high copper content and other compounds from the treatment process lead to corrosion of non-stainless steel fasteners made of brass, lead, mild steel, aluminum, or zinc. (See Galvanic Series for more details on corrosion of metals.)

Columbia Fasteners’ Type 304 stainless steel hand-drive and pneumatic nails, decking wire coil, and plastic strip framing- collated nails, as well as screws, are excellent choices specifically for these types of framing materials. Our stainless steel fasteners are the ideal defense against rust and corrosion from lumber preservatives. Stainless steel fasteners are recommended as the first choice for the construction of permanent wood foundations by the American Wood Protection Association. Most manufacturers recommend stainless steel fastener wherever moisture is prominent.