Stainless Steel Nails and Screws for Decking

Columbia Fasteners has the right fastener for your choice of decking.
We offer a wide range of options to meet your deck fastening requirements. Whether you’re constructing decks with redwood, pressure treated lumber, exotic hardwoods such as Ipe, or any of today’s popular composite materials, you can believe on the best Stainless Steel Fastener productions company of US. We at Columbia Fasteners provides our customers the trustworthy, ultimate in strength, durable and corrosion resistance fastening solutions to full fill their requirement at the best.
Hardwood Decks
Hardwoods are highly regarded by different homeowners and professional builders for their visual appeal and outstanding durability. These premium decking products include Ipe (Brazilian Walnut, also known as Pau Lope or Ironwood), Tiger Deck, Cumuru, Jatoba, Mahogany, Teak and Cambara among many others. The physical properties of the hardwood decking far exceed that of any soft decking materials in today’s market.
Non-stainless steel fasteners are incompatible with hardwoods since the same tannins and natural oils that keep them beautiful will also corrode non-stainless steel fasteners, causing bleed-out stains.
Stainless steel is the recommended choice when working with hardwoods. Our AISI grade 304/305/316 stainless steel fasteners resist the formation of bleed-out stains and ensure the lasting beauty of your deck project.
To provide a clean, finish, and professional look use recommended BlackTalon Universal Deck Fastener which will complete the work effectively. The patented high-tensile Type 301 SS hidden fastener clips with Type 305 SS black oxide screws masks with the shallow line of the deck to give it a concealed appearance. The easy to install top-side screw-down process over the joist intersections make the BlackTalon Universal Deck Fastener an ideal choice for these types of decking projects.
For a traditional face screwing into the decking, the popular trim or bugle head screws made from grade 305 SS or 316 SS with Type 17 point “auger tip” are ideal for easier wood penetration and installation. The trim or flat head decking screws with Torx/star drive styles are designed to maximize screw head-bit engagement, minimizes cam-out or stripping than compared to other drive styles. A dry clear lubricant on the screws also provides superior drivability.
Softwoods – Cedar/Redwood
Cedar and Redwood are popular choices for decking, and for good reasons. These softwoods offer rich natural beauty, long-lasting performance and natural resistance to decay and insect-related damages. Stainless steel is also clearly the best-recommended option to pair with softwood decks since stainless steel can withstand the corrosive effects from the tannic acid in both cedar and redwood.
Our hand-drive Type 305 SS/316 SS trim or bugle headed screws and deck nails offers the best alternative to ensure your small decking investments remain beautiful through the test of time.
Wood Substitutes
Composite decking materials are made primarily of recycled plastics and wood fiber, PVC, and/or combination of wood and vinyl. Composite materials have longer life spans and require less maintenance than wood. BlackTalon Universal Deck Fastener system will give the composite decking a complete “hidden finished” look. The Type 305SS & 316 SS trim and flat head decking screws are recommended fasteners (by composite decking manufacturers) to match with the life span of these composite decking materials. ASK