Columbia Fasteners offers amazing stainless steel staples and fasteners for any form of building construction

About Columbia Fasteners | Stainless Steel Screws, Nails, and Staples Supplier

Columbia Fasteners offers amazing stainless staples and stainless steel fasteners for construction as well as nails for siding.

Columbia Fasteners is a trusted supplier of high-quality premium stainless steel fasteners for construction, builders, and DIY customers.

Our industry expertise comes from our experiences of more than 15 years of wholesale distribution of high-quality stainless staples and stainless nail products from industry leading manufacturers.

From our extensive industry background of fastening products, we can recommend, procure and deliver superior products to our customers. We leverage our extensive industry background to deliver quality products that match applications for specific construction needs whether they be residential, commercial, marine, or extreme environment projects.

Our customers have been and can continue to rely on us to dispense expertise recommendations and deliver unmatched services and quality products.

Columbia Fasteners’ customers can expect the following:

  • Expert recommendations matching the right products to your specific projects, such as nails for siding
  • Professionalism in customer service
  • Accurate & timely delivery
  • Products guaranteed to meet our highest standards
  • Safe and secure online transactions