About Us

Columbia Fasteners offers amazing stainless steel staples and fasteners for any form of building construction.

Are you searching for a trusted supplier of high-quality

premium stainless steel fasteners

for construction, builders, or your latest DIY Projects? If yes! You are at the right place.
We with our 15 years of industrial expertise in the wholesale distribution of

high-quality stainless staples


stainless nail products

etc. is rated as the leading

stainless steel home improvement products

manufacturer, retailer, and distributor.
From our substantial industry background of fastening products, we can suggest, and deliver high-grade products to our customers. With our broad industry background, we deliver genuine quality tested and proven products. We recommended you to buy our products for purposes, like residential, commercial, marine or intense environmental projects.
We Value our customers, hence they can rely on us for trusted home improvement products. We are the best fasteners production house in the US – We suggested you compare our quality products with our competitors and then buy with us.
Our customers can freely expect the following from us:
  • Professional and expert recommendation of the right products according to the customers need.
  • Premium fast express deliveries of the order within or before the estimated time.
  • We deliver quality Proven and tested, to ensure this we quality check our shipment before the delivery.
  • Highly secured gateway for secure and easy transactions of your valuable money.