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Columbia Fasteners is a trusted and respected stainless steel fasteners supplier. We have over 15 years of manufacturing, wholesale, and retail experience in the fastening industry. We supply genuine and certified home improvement fastening products to small and large scale construction Companies, Contract Builders, and DIY Home Improvement Projects.

With the experience comes the responsibility to ensure the delivery of the appropriate, safe and quality products to our customers. This assurance is a major factor which makes our relationship stronger with our customer, and to which how we grow and build our business.



Save your valuable investment in this premium and long-lasting fine wood siding, fiber cement siding, plastic siding and trim from stain and streaks.

Stainless steel fasteners for construction Builders and DIY home improvement

Columbia Fasteners has years of experience and have an excellent knowledge of a solicitous Stainless Steel construction and a better understanding of high-quality premium stainless steel fasteners for builders and DIY customers. We always recommend the right and best quality fastener to our customer for their constructions and project. Our commitment to our valued customers is to provide expert recommendations to match the best stainless steel fasteners to your specific construction materials, needs, and price range.



Protect the considerable investment in fine wood siding fiber cement siding plastic siding and trim from stains and streaks Here is yourBest Seller Products description